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Active Lip Protector

  • Classic
  • Strawberry
  • Cherry
  • Tangerine

Flezir Active Lip Protector SPF 15

Thanks to their scientific formula, Cellojen® Flezir lip balms offer you much more than simple hydration. Their composition with multiple active ingredients heals the cracks, nourishes and moisturizes in depth the particularly sensitive area of the lips while at the same time provide protection from the harmful effects of solar radiation. Flezir lip balms are available in great flavors and modern soft colors that will distinctively highlighting your lips natural color.

Formulated with natural wax, vegetable oils, Vitamin E and F, Flezir Active Lip protector, forms a protective barrier against dehydration, fights free-radical action, maintains the intensity of the intercellular cement and enhances the formation of keratin. The addition of mineral pigments (zinc oxide) helps with the healing of cracks and together with the SPF 15 protect lips from the harmful effects of solar radiation.
Dermatologically tested. Parabens and Allergens-free.

Flezir comes in 4 types:

Classic. Without fragrance and color.

Strawberry. With a wonderful strawberry
flavor and soft red color that enhances the natural
color of the lips in a subtle way.

Cherry. With a soft ripe cherry color and an
irresistible cherry flavor, it leaves a bright but soft

Tangerine. With a soft cinnamon color and a
wonderful tangerine taste, it will completely satisfy
your senses.

cleansing with
14 essential

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